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Hello šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m Stuart Sewell. A software engineer.

I am a full stack developer primarily focused on the JavaScript stack including React, Node.js and TypeScript.


Some recent highlights


Nurole, Full Stack Developer

Transitioning existing codebase from Backbone.js and Ruby on Rails to modern frameworks including Vue and Nuxt. Lead on site wide accessibility improvements and development of a component library.


WeWork, Software Engineering Coach

Teaching the Flatiron School core curriculum of Ruby, JavaScript & React, clarifying concepts to students and debugging code.


UBREW, Brewer / Web Developer

Lead on building and deploying various web apps to assist with day-to-day operations including a store for selling brewing products and a booking system for brewery events.


Select projects I've worked on.

Cafe 53 screenshot

Cafe 53

Homepage for an independent restaurant in Latvia. Full CMS features, hosted on Firebase and using Google Cloud Translation API to translate between English, Latvian and Russian.

Brewers Market screenshot

Brewers Market

Final project at Flatiron School. A marketplace for direct beer sales from brewery to consumer with social media features allowing consumers to follow their favourite breweries. Payment handling built with Node.js and Stripe.

Hangman screenshot


Word guessing game. Initially built in TypeScript then converted to React Native and hosted on the Google Play Store.

Twenty Forty Eight screenshot

Twenty Forty Eight

Recreation of the 2048 game, created during my time at flatiron school.

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